Here are ways Exact can save you time and money:
1. No large upfront software licensing costs Our subscription-based service allows you to pay for only the number of active clients you have.
2. Designed by industry experts Exact was designed by seasoned non-profit agency experts providing Guardianship, Representative Payee, Permanent Supportive Housing and Supportive Housing Services in partnership with top software industry professionals.
3. No server hardware / work anywhere, anytime Exact's cloud-based service simply requires an Internet connection and a browser.
4. Automated deposits The application automates direct deposit upload / distribution to individual clients in designated accounts.
5. Regulatory reporting at the push of a button Your annual reporting for SSA, VA and courts are fully automated.
6. Reduce training costs Our comprehensive configuration and user guides help you and your staff get up to speed quickly.
7. No more pre-printed checks Exact supports client debit cards, ACH transfers and uses blank check stock for check printing.
8. One-time entry of recurring bills/invoices The preset bills feature allows you to set up repeating items for recurring payment.
9. Increased staff productivity Exact streamlines processes to enable your organization to serve more clients with existing staff.
10. Automated Fees The application calculates guardian and/or representative payee fees and applies them to the client’s accounts based on parameters set by the agency.