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Guardian Payee Services Software
Payee / Guardianship Features
Feature Payee Guardianship Description
Multiple Office Location Capabilities X X Office locations can be established within an organization and employees can be assigned to those locations. Employees within an organization will access the same system and data regardless of the office location in which they reside.
Secure System Access X X Exact offers Secure Sockets Layer technology (SSL) which enables encryption of sensitive information during online transactions, provides unique, authenticated information about the certificate owner, and verifies the identity of the certificate owner when it is issued. True 128-bit SSL Certificates enable every site visitor to experience the strongest SSL encryption available to them.
2-Factor Authentication Future Future Two-factor authentication is a system wherein two different factors are used in conjunction to authenticate. Using two factors as opposed to one factor generally delivers a higher level of authentication assurance. Two-factor authentication typically is a signing-on process where a person proves his or her identity with two of the three methods: "something you know" (e.g., password or PIN), "something you have" (e.g., smartcard or token), or "something you are" (e.g., fingerprint or iris scan). Exact will use USB tokens as the second factor of authentication for those organizations that need that level of security.
Log-off after 15 minutes of inactivity X X For security purposes, close user session to avoid exposure of personal client information. (configurable by subscriber)
Automated Backup X X Data is backed up automatically and daily, and off-site storage of your data is securely and seamlessly handled by the service provider.
Back-up to your hard-drive Future Future Secure, authorized backups of your data stored on your local hard-drive.
View / Dashboard
Feature Payee Guardianship Description
Customizable Desktop View / Dashboard Future Future Important data is highly visible and customizable to the needs of each employee.
Financial Management Capabilities
Feature Payee Guardianship Description
Easy check writing X X Check will look like a check, not a general ledger entry or some other screen. Checks and all client data are in the same system. No switching back and forth as is done in some other systems. System will not let you overdraw the client, except with Administration authority - thereby reducing steps of verifying $ availability.
Memorized checks/scheduled payments X X Checks may be set up within Bill Box function for future transactions which makes work simpler and more efficient. Repeating and one-time payments are easily setup as pre-authorized transactions which can be modified at any time.
Prints checks onto blank check stock X X Checks are easily printed using prepared check stock which may include the ABA# and/or check#. The system will be set up to automatically MICR (micro encode) the ABA# and/or account # on the check at the same time checks are issued.
(may require implementation services)
Provide for the capture and print of logos and signatures for checks X X Method to upload logos and signatures for subsequent usage in printing checks.
Vendor Address Management X X Efficient management of vendor addresses with the convenience of changing address information in one place. Historic record of vendor addresses is also maintained so changing vendor addresses for the future will not alter addresses of previously issued items.
Automated EDI Deposits X X With electronic account activity, you can automatically process, verify, and store incoming deposits from bank provided electronic activity reports of account activities.
Manual Deposits X X Record and credit deposits to single or collective client accounts.
Integrated electronic "Bill Pay" function (ACH transactions) Future Future Pay bills electronically with ease using the Exact system.
Collective Accounts X X Efficiently manage and track multiple client accounts under a single bank account.
Individual Accounts X X Efficiently manage and track single client accounts under a single bank account.
Zero Balance Account (ZBA) Capability X X Add additional security to client collective accounts using a zero balance account. The zero balance account is an extra account # layer invisible to clients and the public where direct deposits are received. This process eliminates need to change direct deposit destinations if fraud occurs on Collective Accounts.
Easy to read Transaction History X X Just a click away and the transaction history of your client's account is available.
Client Balances, at a glance X X Glance at your client's name, and you'll also see their account balance.
Automated Fees X X Clients' fees (one-time and recurring) payable to the guardian and/or representative payee are automatically calculated and applied to the appropriate client's account or when appropriately invoiced to a responsible third party.
Account Reconciliation X X Exact assists in the account reconciliation process providing a Social Security Administration approved reconciliation report.
Automated Account Reconciliation Future Future Using electronic check and deposit activities from the bank, Exact will match, reconcile and report errors and non-reconciled transactions.
Stop Payment function & tracking X X Enter, track, and view stop payments and offsetting stale dated check transactions in a client’s account.
Permanent check/deposit entries X X Help reduce potential fraud and encourage the use of good accounting practices by not permitting check alterations once the check has been printed or a deposit has been reconciled.
Bonding & Blocking Management N/A X Effectively coordinate the management of blocked and bonded funds in a client's account.
Add budgeting functionality (one to many budgets per client), report actuals to budget and use budget to limit actual expenses Optional X Establish client budgets and manage actual expenses against them.
Client Case Management
Feature Payee Guardianship Description
Personal Data X X Manage your client's personal data, to include photo, in one easy-to-use system.
Residential History X X Keep track of a client's residential history including move-in/move-out dates, landlord and rental payment information.
Employment Tracking X X Track your client's employment information including their work coach, income provider and wage information through contacts and records.
Medication Tracking N/A X Track your client's prescription drug usage, dosage, side effects and reasons for discontinuation.
Personal & Professional Contacts X X Organize and access all personal and professional contacts for your clients.
Inventory N/A X Track your client's personal inventory for their security, legal reporting, and peace of mind.
Case Notes X X Easily enter case notes associated with each client contact.
Insurance Data X X Medicare, Medicaid, Prescription, and Private insurance providers are all organized and available in one location.
Client Activity Reminders X X Busy client calendars are easily managed, accessible, and visible.
Method to record client incidents X X Ability for employees to record and report client incidents.
Automated Alerts
Feature Payee Guardianship Description
Resource limit warnings X X Early warning for system users if a client's account has reached a resource limit.
Stagnant funds alert X X Early warning for system users if a client's account has stagnant/dormant funds.
90-Day Deadline warnings N/A X Early warning for system users of upcoming deadlines.
Annual/Triennial Period Anniversary N/A X Upcoming notices for annual/triennial period anniversaries are delivered to system users.
Upcoming Court Dates N/A X Notification for upcoming client court dates are submitted to the appropriate system users.
Overdraft Alert X X

The alert appears after the overdraft letting you know what accounts are overdrawn. Only administrative staff may override / issue checks overdrawing accounts.

Alerts for missing client data X X Since the system allows for the entry of a new client with a minimum amount of information, the system must alert when critical information may be missing.
Alert user to client's birthday Future Future Five business days in advance, notify user of client's pending birthday.
Automated Reports
Feature Payee Guardianship Description
Client Current Balances X X View current client balances at a glance with automatic report generation.
Individual Client Transaction History X X Client transaction history is easy to view at any time.
 Annual Accountings X X This report can be used to meet Guardianship, Conservator, Trustee, Representative Payee (SSA), and Legal Custodian (VA) reporting requirements providing a summary of income/expenses and beginning/ending balances.
SSA Audit Request Data X X View and print list which includes: client name, SSN, address, phone number, and client balances on date indicated.
 Transaction Filter Report X X This report has many uses: provide a vendor with list of payments issued to them from specific client or multiple clients, view list of specific expense &/or revenue category(ies) for specified client(s), provide a client with list of specified expense(s), etc.
Bank Reconciliation Reports X X Generate Reconciliation reports at any time.
Facility Visit Report X X Facility Visit Report provides the agency with an overview of each client who has not been seen within specified time. This report helps the agency maintains contact with all of their clients.
Customized Reports (modify automated reports and memorize for future use) Future Future Modify the automated reports to meet your individualized needs and memorize the settings for future use.
Time Tracking
Feature Payee Guardianship Description
Client Management Time Tracking Optional X This report uses system "activities" to track employee time spent on each client's case and generates automated court reports to reflect the information.
Integration with Microsoft Excel® & Word®
Feature Payee Guardianship Description
Merge system data and Word® templates X X Integrate Exact data with Microsoft Word® templates
(Microsoft Office® is not provided by Exact).
Export data to Excel® X X All report data is exportable to Excel® and various other formats.
(Microsoft Office® is not provided by Exact).
Feature Payee Guardianship Description
Assigned Caseload X X Employees will easily view their assigned caseloads.
Task Reminders X X Remove the worry of forgetting important tasks with employee reminders.
Permissions & Restrictions X X Securely and confidently assign permissions and restrictions to each user role.
Ability to manage groups of employees and clients X X Ability to associate groups of clients with one or more employee with start/stop times considered
Time Activity Report X X Track employee activities.
Data Conversion
Feature Payee Guardianship Description
QuickBooks® Conversion Optional Optional Utilize existing QuickBooks® data by moving it into the Exact system.
(will require implementation services)
Others file type conversions: cost varies based on file structure & volume Optional Optional Move existing system data to your new Exact system with a customizable data conversion.
Customer Support (see support section)
Feature Payee Guardianship Description
Online Help & FAQ X X Have a question? Readily access the most common Exact questions and answers online anytime.
Premier Customer Support X X Email, phone, and on-line help for Exact questions is routinely available.
Online Training Optional Optional New to Exact? Convenient on-line training courses are available anytime.
On-Site Training Session Optional Optional Looking for training at your place of business? Let Exact conduct on-site training for you.
Consulting Services Optional Optional Need an Exact expert at your place of business? Exact consultants are available to meet your needs.
Access Levels (Assignable by User)
Feature Payee Guardianship Description
Administration X X Full access
Case Management X X Assign system access and restrictions to your case management staff based on their case load and duties.
Financial Management X X Assign system access and restrictions to your estate management staff based on their case load and duties.
Auditor X X Assign system access and restrictions to your staff or guest auditors.
Document Management
Feature Payee Guardianship Description
Scanned Document Management X X Reduce paper documentation and on-site storage by scanning and saving important documents directly into the Exact system.