Exact Features
  • Disburse funds via client debit cards
  • Use pre-printed blank check stock and let Exact handle check numbering
  • Supports MICR printed checks, if needed
  • Make payments via ACH bank transfers
  • Positive Pay helps detect fraud
  • Prevents overdrafts by requiring administrator override if insufficient balance
  • Recurring bills help you never miss a payment
  • Maintains vendor address history
  • Automated upload of deposit files from your bank
  • Supports collective accounts and individual accounts
  • Supports zero-balance (sweep) accounts to help protect against fraud
  • Automatically collect fees for active clients
  • Fee structure can vary by program (e.g., Payee, Guardian)
  • Configurable rates allow different billing rates per program, activity
  • Staff can have specific override rates
  • Generate invoices directly from billable activities completed
Asset Management
  • Easy reconciliation
  • Supports all types of client assets including bank accounts, investments, insurance policies, real estate and personal property
  • System alerts you to overdrafts, stagnant funds, and resource limits
Client Data
  • Comprehensive client data includes demographics, housing, contacts, identifiers and a photo
  • Upload documents and image files to store important client records in Exact
  • Print automated forms that merge client data with the form or document
  • Track client residential history including move-in/move-out dates, landlord and rental payments
  • Time tracking for client-specific activities
  • Track all client benefits/programs
  • Configurable alerts for missing client data help you complete client intake
Guardian / Trustee functions
  • Additional features are enabled for programs that are court-appointed
  • Alerts for upcoming court dates, client visits and reporting events
  • Track scope of legal appointments
  • Track court orders
  • Generate legal forms
  • Manage bonded and blocked funds
  • Establish and manage client budgets
  • Medication tracking
  • Personal inventory tracking
  • Time tracking
  • Activity calendar
  • Coverage calendar
  • Automated task reminders
  • Each subscribing organization has their own database
  • Role-based security supports segregation of duties
  • Staff can be assigned to specific client groups
  • Full encryption of all transactions
  • Automated daily data back-up
User Interface
  • Personalized dashboard summarizes your caseload, alerts, roles and calendar
  • Clearly-marked menus let you know where you are at all times
  • Online Help and quick access to User Guides
  • SSA and VA Annual Accounting reports
  • Activity reports
  • Client demographic and facility visit reports
  • Asset reports including SSA Audit and Transaction History
  • California and Florida special reports