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Consulting Services
Exact provides consulting services to assist its customer in implementing Exact subscription services successfully. These include:

•  Implementation and Configuration Services
Customers of all sizes benefit from the speed and execution of our quick start services. These quick start services provide assistance and training from Exact experts who evaluate and tune new and existing implementations.
•  Data Management Services
Your most valuable information is data about your client accounts. But it may be located in disparate or paper-based systems. In order to maximize your productivity and transition from your old applications, you need to unite all your data. Exact’s data management services can help you extract the data from your legacy systems, structure it in coherent hierarchies, clean and reformat it, and, finally, import it into your Exact application.
•  Integration Services
We understand the increasing importance of integrating your business processes across all your applications. Exact applications are tightly integrated. Our integration services experts can help you integrate our applications with your back- and front-office enterprise applications, allowing easy sharing and maintenance of critical client information.
These services can frequently be delivered over the web, but they can also be performed at your location.
• Web-based consulting where our consultant will work with you, on the phone while using web-presentations, to help you identify the issues that need to be addressed and suggest alternatives that will help you ($150 per hour).
• On-site consulting at your offices (Travel expenses plus $200 per hour)
Training Services
Exact provides training and instruction to assist you through the various learning curves required to deploy products successfully. These include:
• Web-based training where our instructor works on a conference call and provides presentations using a web-browser ($150 per hour).
• On-site training at your offices (Travel expenses plus $200 per hour).
Other Services
•  Bank EDI
This service involves designing custom interfaces between financial institutions and Exact - for importing deposit data and automatically creating transactions from it.
Contacting Customer Support
All support inquiries are answered between the hours of 8:00AM and 5:00PM Pacific Time, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.
Phone: 877-903-9228 Email: